How we're different

Tailored legal advice across all commercial facets

York & York Legal is a boutique legal firm committed to building relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect. We aim to deliver value-add commercial solutions founded on close understanding of our clients’ businesses and operations. We take pride in building proactive partnerships and networks, as well as using wide-ranging legal and commercial experience to achieve immediate and long-term results.

Dedicated to ensuring smooth-running commercial transactions and operations, we shape our services to meet each business’ specific targets and needs. From small to medium sized national or international enterprises, we’re trained to analyse and provide advice and insight that contribute directly/indirectly to creating business prosperity.

A one-stop shop for commercial legal services

Commercial areas where we can help include:

  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Structures
  • Contract Drafting and Management
  • Franchising
  • In-house Law
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Property Law
  • Supply and Distribution Agreements

Our guarantee to you

Based on our extensive legal practice credentials, we’ll strategically analyse your needs, and customise and communicate our service and fees accordingly.

Needless to say, all communications with you will be covered by client-attorney privilege.

Contact us at +61 3 9882 2643 or +61 3 9225 5222 if you’d like to discuss your legal needs further.